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 WiFi is no longer an Amenity in a Hotel, it is a must have!  Hotels who receive complaints about WIFi on booking or social media sites will be avoided by savvy business travelers.  Hotel WiFi networks should be reliable and super fast.  If you receive a lot of WiFi complaints at your Hotel contact us today for a free Internet and Network evaluation


Marinas and RV Parks presents special issues.  Most guests want to enjoy Streaming Video over Marina or RV Park WiFi.  If you have issues with your Marina or RV Park Internet networks, contact us today for a free evaluation.  


Restaurants, Bars, and Small Retail shops rely on the Internet for Credit Card processing, Cloud based Point of Sales Systems which are rendered useless if your Internet slows down or even worse goes out!  RFworx can sell you equipment that allows you to use a cellular connection as a back up to your cable modem or DSL service.  Its like an insurance policy for your Internet!

We also can provide turn key consulting for AV, Security, Television, Telelphone and WiFi for you business.  Your one stop shop for technology!


Apartments, Condominiums, and HOA's have typically signed one sided agreements with cable and internet providers that limit choices to residents.  RFworx can review and act as your technology consultant to help with renewals or new contracts that will help raise your property values, make your community additional revenue, and provide the ultimate selection of services for your residents.  You have a lot more choices than you think!



The biggest challenge for any venue is to get a sense for how much capacity is required to meet the expected demand. Typically Venues need to support up to 35% of fans wanting to go online and should plan for at least 20 Mbps per fan. Large stadiums and Arenas need well over 1 Gbps of data network capacity, and that’s only the beginning.  RFworx has overcome this challenge by successfully deploying wireless networks in stadiums and event arenas all over the US for almost a decade.  Contact us today to get WiFi working properly at your Venue!

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